Reflections: February 2012

This month has been completely about love on the blog. I’ve enjoyed delving into the different kinds of love and will continue until the end of this week with the love theme. Then it’s back to normal around here…whatever that is!

However, outside the blog world this month has been busy. We enjoyed Valentine’s Day but we also celebrated a lot of birthday’s on both my side of the family and Lynden’s side of the family. In fact, Lynden celebrated his own 24th birthday…woohoo. We also enjoyed seeing a lot of family members that were over to celebrate Lynden’s grandmother’s 80th. It was a lovely time and I’ll have some pictures of that event on the blog soon :)

Lynden and I have also been busy building the frame for our bed. That’s right we’re building it. We were given a kingsize mattress which is awesome but we didn’t have a frame to put it in. After searching around, we realised kingsize frames were very expensive and we have expensive taste. So, of course we decided to let our creative juices flow and we designed a bed which we are currently midway through putting together. I think it’s going to look really good, and Lyn and I have really enjoyed working on it together. So much so that we already have plans to make matching bedside tables and a table for the tv to sit on – we want to get rid of the cabinet it’s currently on. I’ll be sharing pictures once they’re complete.

This month has also been one of change. Lynden has started doing contract work for a ceiling company and seems to be really blossoming in his role. I on the other hand have started uni this week. I’m already exhausted! I’m sure that has a lot more to do with the fact that I’m taking this course a lot more seriously than any of the others I did. I’ve been reading, researching and planning for weeks before my classes even started (nerd!) and now that they have started, I find myself staying up late reading and waking up early to get to class. Lyn has to keep telling me not to burnout, and he’s right; I had to have a long nap this afternoon after classes to recover.

I’m feeling really passionate about teaching though, so much more than I ever imagined. Seriously, I think this is it! I really need to make sure that I have the right mentality about it all, because at some point I know I’m going to crash and hit a plateau and that’s when the passion might dwindle for a short while. And if I truly believe this is it (which I do) I need to make sure my head’s in the right place to work at it without the passion temporarily. At school, my teachers’ comments to my parents were always, “she is incredibly intelligent but she only works at the things that she enjoys. She gets through the other stuff because she’s smart, but she could be brilliant if only she put in the effort for the things she doesn’t like.” I think the word lazy was even used at one point. Ouch. So I know about this flaw, I’ve had it all my life, but knowing that this is not my strength will also empower me to work at it and fight against it because this new move into teaching is really important to me. I’m not just doing it as a last resort because nothing else worked out. I feel like this is something I could be great at and I could really impact people’s lives. Phew, I obviously had a lot of stuff to get off my chest, it feels good to just let it all out.

On a different note, February also marks my blog’s first birthday. Yep, I’ve been here for a whole year! I didn’t really get completely into it until this year though so I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me – it’s a good challenge and I definitely need it…for thinking out loud :)

I hope you’ve all had a great February and an amazing extra day of life this year.

Happy leap year!


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