Agápe: unconditional love

Welcome to the week of unconditional love!

Agápe love is often referred to as God’s love. Why? Because it expresses a form of love that is unconditional, constant and sacrificial. In a similar way, we can see this love expressed in how we care for people whom do not deserve our love (our enemies or people we don’t like, for example) and it has also been associated with the love of a parent for their child – deeper than that of the traditional family love we visited earlier in the month.

I don’t talk a whole lot about God on my blog and that has nothing to do with me being ashamed of what I believe in, in fact it’s quite the contrary. However, this blog space isn’t here as a bible study or a preaching platform. Obviously my beliefs will make an appearance here from time to time in an explicit way, but most of the time my blog will function as a place for me to record parts of my life (which of course is constantly influenced by my belief in God), to explore my thoughts, to document the things that interest me, to summarise research I do on various topics (mainly to help myself understand something), and to post my own photographic creations. In other words, this blog is a very small glimpse at what goes on in my brain…haha, scary stuff.

This week, I’m really looking forward to sharing some thoughts and images on the topic of God’s unconditional love. If this isn’t your kind of thing, that is totally fine, I do encourage you to stick around for the ride though…it won’t be too extreme; more of a scenic bike ride than a roller coaster ride :)

Happy Monday!


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