mending your heart

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Some would have celebrated with lovers and friends, some would have complained about it, some would have celebrated their singleness, and some others would have quietly gone on about their day feeling quite…unloved.

There are some that may in fact be mending a broken heart; efficiently and methodically working to put the pieces back together again.

If this is you, I hope this month of love series is a reminder that yes, even though no love can replace the love of a partner, love still exists! It exists in the fibres of all of those around you and in all that was and is in this world before human corruption. It is in the very wind brushing past your face and in the sun awakening in the morning; it is in family, friends, God, and perhaps even in a romance that is yet to come.

And if that isn’t enough, and whether I know you or not, here are some illustrations I have chosen just for you, to inspire you to continue mending your heart.

Keep believing in love, because you are loved.

(click on the images to follow the links)

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