My Family

Once upon a time in a faraway land, two university students fell madly in love.

One day they realised they never wanted to be apart from each other so they decided to get married.

Just over a year later, they welcomed a beautiful little brown surprise into the family. They decided to name him Andres (which is spanish for Andrew).

It just so happens that Andrew was the most beautiful baby that ever lived. It was a great surprise to everybody that the masses of women he enchanted didn’t steal him away for themselves.

And even though he loved playing games in the park with his dad, Andrew always wished he had someone to play with when mum and dad were working.

So three years after Andrew was born, mum and dad decided it was time for Andrew to have a new little sister. They called her Haidy.

Andrew was the best brother to Haidy. He looked after her as if she was the most delicate gem.

And also shared his mum with her during nap time.

Mum loved her new little baby and always included her in family adventures.

And even though this baby was much blonder than the other one, she was still loved just the same.

When little Haidy’s hair started turning orange, people wondered if she was eating too many carrots. But eventually it turned red and then brown.

Andrew worked very hard to graduate from kindergarten and baby sister Haidy wanted him to know how proud she was.

As time passed it became clear that this family had a destiny in a different land. So they gathered their children, took photos for their passports, and got on a plane to Australia.

As the years passed, Andrew and Haidy loved to have fun together…

But mum and dad knew that there was still something missing.

So, six years after having Haidy, they introduced Nicole; the final piece of the puzzle.

They were so proud of their complete little family.

Daddy especially adored his girls.

And the family enjoyed spending lots of time together.

Sometimes, they would even visit their cousins if they wanted to have extra fun.

With the three of them finally together, everything was better.

The girls would sometimes even cook together, making sure to keep their hair out of the mixtures.

Little Haidy often thought she was surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world.

And loved to spend time with them.

The family was complete; everything was just how it was always meant to be.

…except something happened that was quite unexpected.

Andrew grew up and fell in love with a beautiful woman. They were very happy together so they got married. Mum and dad had somehow found themselves back to two and things were suddenly different.

Haidy also grew up and found her perfect match. They were completely in love and decided to get married, and so a new family was begun.

Haidy’s husband Lynden made her extremely happy.

But one day they decided that even though they weren’t ready to have children, they were ready to love and care for someone else really special. They named him Asterix.

Lynden loves Asterix, they are two of a kind.

Together the three of us are a family; we are in the beginnings of this incredible cycle of life and love.

Next thing you know, we’ll probably find out that Nicole grew up and fell in love. Nah, that’s just crazy talk!

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2 thoughts on “My Family

  1. Bec says:

    Awwwwwwww what a beautiful family.. but wait, it IS my family!

  2. Haidy Baskin says:

    You are such a perfect part of our family Bec! I can’t believe that not too long ago, my parents were starting off just like us and now we’re here, in our own families. It amazes me.

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