Storge: family love

Welcome to family love week!

(Isn’t this the cutest little family you’ve ever seen? You can find them over here on there family blog).

What is family love and what makes it different to other forms of love?

Is it good, bad or both? Or maybe something else, not readily describable.

I am the middle child (yes it’s hard :P). My brother is three years older than me, and my sister is six years younger. When she was born, she was so tiny compared to us. We loved her so much but she was so delicate. Despite this, Andrew and I would have competitions of who could squeeze her the tightest before she cried. We so desperately wanted to show her how much we adored her that it became a physical challenge between us.

It reminded me of this cute little illustration found via Pinterest.

If I’m being honest though, it wasn’t easy for me to adapt to having a younger sibling. It wasn’t that I was fighting for my parents attention, it was that all my older cousins didn’t want to play with me anymore because they wanted to see the baby. I was all like: what’s so cool about her, she just lies there. Then, as she got older she wanted to play with me all the time – and I am a solitary being that just wanted to be left alone, even at the age of seven or eight. Eventually though, I grew to share the attention and even became like a second mother to her. She used to even accidentally call me mum.

I think that what makes family love unique is that it comes from a place you cannot define. It seems to have always been there, and continues to remain even when things are no longer the same. We love our family in so many different ways throughout our lifetime. We start with the love between a parent and a child; an overwhelming connection binding them for life. Sibling love (or rivalry), that changes as we grow, go through our adolescent years and then into adulthood. At this point, in our adult years, it is different again; we are friends with our siblings and parents, in a different way than we are or have been with anybody else. They know you, all your quirks, they’ve seen it all. That is what that friendship is built on and the love you share with your family can therefore only be something unique, whether it be good or bad.

What was the dynamic like between you and your sibling/s growing up? How about your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins? I’d love to hear your stories.

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