Reflections: January 2012

January has been pretty busy. The picture above is from our anniversary. It’s not a great picture – we both look a little sleepy, but we actually had a great time going out for dinner and a movie. Ha, pretty typical. We had a romantic date at the beach planned, but Lynden was pretty tired after work so we decided on a quieter evening.

So besides being pretty bummed out about having to say goodbye to Aveline earlier on, it was actually quite a happy and peaceful month.

Lynden and I decided to have a quiet Australia Day as well, which turns out to have been an excellent choice, we were just so exhausted! We did spend some time with Lynden’s sister and her boyfriend as well as Lyn’s parents in the evening playing some board games (boys against girls of course, Lynden doesn’t play any other way!).

This month has also been filled with band practices for various church events (I sing and Lynden plays bass). Last week I sung at church with my sister Nicole and cousin Billy. If you’d like you can watch the video below…I’m the one in the middle with the funny face ;) and Lynden is behind me.

It’s weird seeing/hearing myself. I look funny :P

I’ve also been on a few beach trips this month (which led me to the worst sunburn I’ve ever had. It was uncomfortable and itchy!). I do wear a lot of sunscreen though, I just have to remember to reapply.

Also, I got some good news this month regarding my future prospects; I got into primary education at uni!! Whoa. I always said I’d never be a teacher, seriously never; both my parents are high school teacher’s and I know how hard they work and that you have to love it to do it well. I just never thought I’d enjoy doing it…then I got a glimpse of how much I liked working with kids when I was teaching piano and the parents were really happy with me as a teacher (which was a great confidence boost to my sad little self-esteem haha). And after trying to ignore God leading me in that direction for over a year (I would wake up in the morning with the words ‘primary teaching’ reverberating in my mind, out of nowhere), I decided to finally give it a crack. I’m at a point where I’m really excited for where this’ll take me. I think I’ve finally found what I want/need to do. But I’m also at peace with the thought that this might be just another step in my journey to discovering my purpose. Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve now changed courses three times, eek. Please bare with me. I’ll figure it out eventually…promise.

Oh, and in breaking news, we had a pretty big mess with our power yesterday. Lynden left for work really early so he called me up at 7am to warn me that our power was out and just wanted me to check the power box to make sure it wasn’t a trip in our system. So, I went out to check the box and bumped into Susie, my mother-in-law who was just coming home from an early morning walk. Apparently, due to the extremely windy night, a massive tree had fallen onto the power lines at the end of the street and had pulled the lines down. Worst of all though, it had ignited a fire so there was a bit of panic amongst the houses directly near the fallen tree. The good news was, that even though our power was out, my lovely in-laws (who also happen to be our neighbours) still had power, so with the help of a few long extension cords, we had temporary power at our place for the fridge. Which I also decided to use for only two other things: my laptop and the internet. Hehe. And that’s how I got yesterday’s post up :) We finally got our power back again at around 10pm so it was a nice little adventure living in the heat without the air-con for a day.

I have something special planned for the blog in February so check back in tomorrow for an update.

Happy January :D

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