introversion + awkwardness

I am an introvert. You wouldn’t know it (and most people don’t believe me when I tell them) because I can be quite loud and/or chatty, especially when excited. However, this personableness does not come naturally to me, it’s a well-trained art I have tried to master and often fail at (yes, I sometimes take it too far). Usually, after an exciting afternoon of talking to people, I will generally go home and crawl into bed for a well needed rest – I get completely socially drained. Also, if I don’t have time to be alone when someone stay’s over at our place, I have a tendency to become the grumpiest, most teary person you could meet. It’s ugly. I’m fortunate to have found a man (aka Lynden) that I don’t need space from, or the poor guy would either a) barely see me…ever, or b) have to deal with the incredible hulk on a daily basis.

With this social awkwardness in mind, I would like to bring to your attention several awkward moments from my week.

  • Got dressed to go to the gym (sports bra and running shoes included) only to find myself turning off 100 metres before the gym and going to the grocery store instead. Yes, I did give off the appearance that I had come to the store directly after working out; it was a very hot day, the sweatiness from walking from my car to the store gave my workout myth authenticity.
  • While in the store, I kept having to do a detour around the same woman at every aisle (how hard is it to not stand in the middle of the aisle people!) – it would’ve been fine except she didn’t move to let me past until I said excuse me…every time.
  • The pest control man (otherwise known as the exterminator) did a sweep of our house which means he saw the mess in every one of our rooms and obviously caught sight of Lynden’s weights, because on his way out he asked me if I am a personal trainer. I tried to stifle a snort while I politely said no, followed by an inconspicuous trip to the mirror to check out my guns.
  • Talking to my father-in-law through our bedroom window while I’m still lying in bed…in my underwear.
  • Being told I’m talking too loudly for the musicians to hear themselves during band practice on Sunday.

Sigh. Oh to be awkward.

P.S. how cute is Asterix in that picture! He doesn’t require me to be socially acceptable and I love him for it. He’s my therapist.

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