Yesterday we went waterskiing at Lynden’s uncle’s dam. It was a heap of fun but I’m so sore today, my muscles are dying a slow and painful death. We both lathered on the sunscreen (me more so than Lynden) and Lynden still got sunburnt. I got a little burnt on my face too. I haven’t been waterskiing in a loooong time and I was terrible, but it was fun nonetheless. I kept apologising whenever I took a duck-dive out of my ski’s into the water.

It makes me happy to waterski though, that’s how Lynden and I met; he was helping out on the boat and I was learning to ski for the first time, both of us 16. Lynden says he started liking me right then and there because every time I fell off the ski’s (which was a LOT of times) I apparently had the biggest smile on my face. I on the other hand thought he was super cute so (behind those smiles) I was mortified that I kept embarrassing myself falling over and over, but we had fun chatting about my misfortunes in between tries.

As you know, this story has a happy ending – we’ve been together seven years now and married for three :)

He still likes it when I smile.

I still think he’s the most gorgeous man alive.

This is Lynden yesterday doing a small jump on the wakeboard:

He hasn’t done it in years either but he’s so much more impressive than me, this is how uncoordinated I am:

Also, when I first met Lynden, I embarrassingly thought wake boarding was called weight boarding and I referred to it in this way regularly until Lynden caught what I was actually saying and corrected me. Awkward!!

(image and videos were taken with my Canon IXUS 90IS – I didn’t want to risk my nice camera falling into the water, eek!)

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