Confession #3

I always smudge my nail polish

then have to reapply

I don’t understand why, after years (YEARS), of using nail polish I still don’t ever get it right the first time. Seriously! I’m getting better, slowly. At this pace, I’ll have it figured out by the time I’m on my deathbed. And who doesn’t want to be applying nail polish on their deathbed? But that’s not my biggest problem. The reason I always have to reapply is because I get too impatient while waiting for it to dry and I decide it’s safe to do activities such as typing, or digging through my pockets, or playing the piano :| Why do I always do this?

Wow, speaking of which, I’ve somehow managed to get red nail polish on the wall. Yep. I was plugging my camera into the computer 1minute after I did my nails and my hand brushed against the wall.

Apparently I’m a slow learner…or extremely impatient.

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