The health plan

Earlier this week I posted my resolutions for the year. Yesterday, in honour of our anniversary, I posted pictures of our wedding.

These two posts are important because since our wedding three years ago I gained 15kgs. Yep, that’s 33 extra pounds of goodness! And it’s had me down for quite awhile now; feeling self-conscious and gross.

I weighed 50kg on our wedding day (and for most of my adolescent/adult life)

I currently weigh 63kg

I was at my heaviest at 65kg

My goal weight is 50kg – a healthy weight for my height.

That’s what it boils down to. Health.

So, in accordance with my new years resolution (No.3), I want to outline my exact health goals here.

My Health Goals for 2012

Work hard to lose 13kg for a 50kg target weight by –

  1. Eating healthy meals daily
  2. Working out regularly (gym, running, walking, being active in daily duties)

If I’m being honest, for me it is about appearances and feeling comfortable in my own skin, but only to an extent. I also have a strong desire to be healthy, not only so I can live a long life; but so I can live a fulfilled life where I feel strong and fresh. I literally want my cells to be oozing with happiness. I want to feel empowered to live a courageous life.

Lynden is going to take a picture of me today which will be my before photo. I’m not going to share it in this blog post today, I’ve decided it’s better for me to post it alongside a progress picture a little down the track, it seems a little less depressing that way :P

I apologise for how wordy this post has turned out to be, I really needed to write it though. Despite how vulnerable it makes me feel.

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One thought on “The health plan

  1. Bec says:

    You are so gorgeous no matter what you do Haidz, best of luck with the health plan though.

    Keep inspiring others :-)

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