Make it :: christmas wrapping

I am the worst when it comes to crafty things; I just don’t have the patience. However, if I’m feeling inspired I’ll sometimes catch myself doing the unexpected: creating something with my hands. My mum nearly fell over with shock when she found out I’d sewn my Christmas wrapping, “Really, you made something…you never make anything!” Ha.

I’ve decided to share a few pictures of how I created my wrapping this Christmas. It’s the simplest thing you’ll ever see since I haven’t got the know-how for any fancy schmancy stuff.

What you’ll need:

1. Approx. 4-5 meters of any cheap material, preferably with a slight rough texture (and thick as mine was a little thin and I had to double layer it). Mine cost $10 all up.

2. Ribbon

3. String

4. Sewing needles (I wish I could sew on a sewing machine, it’s a much faster option!)

5. Pens (to write who the present is from straight onto the material)

6. An assortment of buttons

7. Glue gun

8. Small scissors (great for cutting string and getting into hard to reach places)

9. Fabric scissors

Once you’ve got all your materials in place, it’s just a matter of cutting the material to size (just as you would with a normal gift) and sewing it together. I had to get creative with some of the gifts since I don’t know how to use a sewing machine and I found myself doing a messy stitch across any edge that would open (after the gift was inside). It didn’t turn out so bad, as long as it’s all hand-stitched then it won’t look out of place.

They were so much easier to open than they look. Just rip at the stitch :)

I hope this is a little inspiration for anyone wanting to try something different for an upcoming birthday or baby shower. It’s fun doing something you know nobody would ever expect you to do :) Hooray for the non-crafty people surprising the masses haha.

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