So this is what my crazy parents got me for Christmas.

I have always wanted a real piano (we always had a little electric keyboard growing up) so I am feeling extremely thrilled (and humbled) at being given this beautiful instrument. It was delivered a couple of weeks ago, but I only have this iphone picture to prove it. Thanks mum and dad, you’re the best! And yes, a little bit crazy :)

The blog has been a bit neglected in the lead-up to Christmas and it will probably stay like that until after New Years, but I really wanted to make a quick appearance on here to say how truly grateful I am to the people who have loved and encouraged me this year. The last couple of days weeks have been so busy; I’m so tired! However, I am so happy to have the best husband ever to support me, and what more could you ask for than a happy, fulfilled little family.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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