I woke up at 4:30 this morning! My tooth was hurting. I think I got a little too excited about flossing last night and my gums weren’t too pleased. Anyway, as I was lying in bed trying to get back to sleep/getting distracted by games on my phone, I hear the loud squawking laughter of a kookaburra, there may have even been two, very close to the open bedroom window.


I wasn’t born in Australia, but I’ve grown up here since I was three, so it’s safe to assume that I’d be accustomed to the call of the kookaburra right? Well, you’d be wrong. Not until Lynden and I started dating and I started visiting his house, nestled among many tall trees, did I encounter the beauties of the kookaburra. I mean, I had seen them before. In fact as a seven year-old, eating lunch with the extended family at a park one day, I witnessed a kookaburra swoop across the table and snatch a chicken drumstick right out from someone’s hand as they were about to take a bite. It then went on to fly to a high branch and beat the drumstick against the trunk of the tree until it was sure the chicken was dead, before balancing on the branch and picking the chicken meat off the bone. That was my one and only encounter, until I dated Lynden. Now I hear them most evenings at dusk, calling out obnoxiously and beautifully.

So, as I was lying in bed this morning listening to the kookaburra’s, it got me thinking of what it must’ve been like to have been one of the first people, convicts and non-convicts alike, to travel across the seas on the first fleet and finding themselves hearing and seeing some of the most unusual things they could never have imagined; a whole new world. I would have been terrified!


Imagine seeing this guy staring up at you.

Outback Australia

Or being caught off-guard by a kangaroo hopping past.

Australia Tourist Guide

Perhaps you’d catch a glimpse of a platypus…uh, yeah “WHAT!? was THAT!”

Learn Animals

Seeing the deep red earth, the arid plains, the tall eucalyptus trees would have been awe-inspiring; beautiful and overwhelmingly different.

Beautiful Places to Visit


Some places look a little different than they did back in those day’s.

Aussie Snap Shots

Even little Perth, the most isolated city in the world, has grown up.

WA Reviews

This is where my heart is. I love this country.


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