Reflections: November 2011

As it turns out this is my 100th post. I’m glad it’s a reflections post, it seems appropriate.

November has been a really busy month. Although, it started off slowly with the ending of uni and Lynden and I both being home without a job. Lynden has made the transition beautifully from part-time to full-time now, and is loving his new position. He’s been there a total of three days, including today, but he’s already super pleased with where he’s at. I’ve decided that the photography course just wasn’t the right fit for me, they were looking for something a lot more depressing and egotistical out of my work and I struggled to find a fit with that and the kind of photographs I do take. So, I won’t be studying photography anymore, but I am still loving my photography journey.

We still haven’t got a lot done in terms of our garden and landscaping. I hope we get the inspiration to keep going with that soon.

I’ve also noticed this month that my blog has taken a slightly different turn, focused less on the photography aspect and more on the life aspect, with photography as a part of the journaling process. I know it’s not what I originally intended, but I think I like where it’s taking me, please bare with me until I figure out just what this blog will become. I love writing, sharing, imagining, purging, dreaming. It’s so therapeutic. For me, it’s also been a really nice way to journal what I’ve been up to, which I hope will be something I can look back on and really appreciate, since I’m terrible at keeping a diary.

Of course, it would be impossible to reflect on November and not mention the biggest event of the month: Ryan and Kyla’s Wedding. Wow, what a whirlwind. Thank you for letting me share the day of these two amazing people as I saw it, and enjoying the events surrounding the wedding with me. Sometimes it was stressful, I’ll admit, but so well worth it.

My hope for this next month is to spend more quality time with Lynden. I sure miss that beautiful man when he isn’t home and he makes me smile big, right from the depths of my soul. So my goal for next month is surviving the Christmas season (which of course I love).

Happy November’s End.


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