Driving with the windows down

In my first car, a Honda Accord that was born in the mid 80s (yes he was older than me), I absolutely adored driving with my windows down. For an old car, Douglas, as I named him, was pretty flash. I’m talking pop-up lights, electric windows and a pumpin’ tape player. Oh Yeah. Then I got a Camry…with roll-up windows. It became a lot more dangerous harder to wind the passenger window down while driving than with electric windows, so I didn’t, fortunately for all other drivers on the road.

Now, in my lovely new Corolla (Bella), we (by we I mean me and Bella), drive with our windows down all the time. Sometimes I’m wild and even keep them down when it’s raining. Extreme!

Am I the only one? Does anyone else get a thrill from the fresh breeze blowing through their hair as they drive? No, nobody. I guess Bella and I will just have to do our duty and keep rocking it out with our windows down for the good of mankind.


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