You may (or may not) have noticed that I haven’t put a blog post up in a few weeks. The good news is: I’m not dead. The bad news…I’ve gone insane, more-so than before, if that is in fact possible. What is even more concerning however, is that very soon I believe I will find Lynden in the foetal position whimpering internet, internet ever so softly.

Yes, our internet died. No, I did not type google into google, I have the IT crowd to thank for that.

The IT Crowd

However, we have discovered that, in what appears to be a bizarre attempt at vandalism, someone (literally) cut the cable that connects our phone line yet left all the other cables in the box untouched, meaning no one else was affected. Yet, they would not have known who’s cable they were cutting?? I won’t even attempt to understand. What I can tell you is that I broke down almost immediately at the thought of no internet, but then found a level harmony and pleasure in more classic forms of entertainment. i.e. books and the like.

Lynden on the other hand, seemingly calm and blasé at first, has fallen into what can only be described as some sort of delusional mental deterioration. Just imagine crazy eyes and weird confused laughter at the end of serious sentences. We can only hope his recovery will be swift and painless.

Although not completely fixed, we do have internet again. Phew.


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