Proud as Jazz

The performing arts centre was packed out – they were turning people away at the door. Lynden and I were running late but we managed to find our seats just in time for the show to start, luckily we had pre-booked our tickets. Sitting next to my brother Andrew, we both excitedly looked at each other with keen anticipation. If you know my brother, he’s not necessarily the excitable type, usually you’ll find him quietly listening to a conversation, laughing over board games or dominating on the soccer field. This time, however, we were both excited. Nicole is an amazing singer, we’ve known that for a while – but to finally see her at her peak, in this moment where a three-piece jazz band played to the tunes of her strong soothing voice, we were proud. The only way two siblings could be proud of the little sister they partially helped raise.

In case you were wondering…she was incredible, of course. And this proud sister wants the world to know it!


2 thoughts on “Proud as Jazz

  1. nicole says:

    tehehe :)

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