For about two months we didn’t have a working oven or stove. It’s incredible how often we use these two simple things. Lynden and I found ourselves making use of every other appliance we had until our new oven was installed a few weeks ago. It is so good to have a functioning kitchen again.

On top of that, the lights in the hallway and in my study have stopped working. We changed the bulbs only to realise it’s actually an electrical fault. It’s an inescapable glimpse into life without electricity at our house. Imagine having lived in a time where there were no light switches, no appliances; worst of all, imagine a life with no flushing toilets or running water. As much as we dream of legendary times when people lived in castles and fought great battles, somehow I don’t think it would be quite as enticing as we imagine. What’s worse, there are still people who don’t have so many of the basic things we take for granted. I sit here in front of my computer screen, a lamp to my right, a printer pushed against the corner of the room, two cameras on my desk, and my iphone sitting lazily next to the keyboard. How is it possible that I have let myself forget how lucky I am to not only have my basic needs fulfilled, but to live in luxury.

As I listen to the trees rustle in the wind, and the slow dripping of water from the gutters, I think I’ll take a moment to watch the sun set.


2 thoughts on “Appliances

  1. Amir says:

    Hello Haidy, I like you blog. The photos are very pretty. I would like to offer you some friendly constructing criticism.

    You are very good at composing the photos, I like your eye. I think though you need to learn some technical things.

    Lots of your photo are very noisy, try turning down you ISO! your photos will be much clearer :)

    Sometime your photos are bit blurry, especially when you zoom into the eyes. make sure eyes are in focus, most important thing!

    I think your photo are great and cant wait to read more :)

    from Amir. Happy day to you.

  2. Haidy Baskin says:

    Thanks Amir I really appreciate your feedback. I completely agree with you about having noisy images due to high ISO, I’m currently practicing getting the correct exposure I need without needing to set my ISO up too much.

    It’s nice to hear your comments and I look forward to hearing more feedback in the future :)


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