As lucky as me

As I nuzzle into his chest, held tightly by his strong arms, I wonder how I got so lucky. We stand there in silence, comforted by each others presence and I begin to feel the weight lifted off my shoulders. I tend to stress, I try to hide it but when I’ve commited to something, I like to do it well. It’s a blessing and a curse. Lynden knows me, he senses my pain like an animal senses fear; he knows my heart.

So, in a moment of weakness, I moped around the house cursing my life. You know, all dramatic-like. I’ll never get these assignments done, nobody will like them, blah blah blah. Fast-forward to a day later and Lynden has created a home studio for me by constructing a white screen that rolls out when desired, just to ease my pain. Mmhmm, I’m not high maintenance at all!


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