Background Story: The Best of Friends

We were angry. She’d missed her flight, then she said she couldn’t see us until the next day, she had other plans. Ugh, we’d cancelled everything to see her. But most of all I think we were angry because we knew how little time we would have together, and just how precious that time was. When we reunited, everything melted away, our eyes welled up, and we threw our arms around each other, the three of us.

Okay, you may think I’m being a little over-dramatic, but Aveline completes the puzzle. Elizabeth and I are bread and butter, but Aveline is the honey…or more likely, the avocado. We are more than friends, we’re family; the three amigas.

I met Aveline at the spanish church when we were six or seven and I instantly didn’t like her. She was my competition and I was jealous. We would fight over who would sing the lead part in the choir, and I’d groan with envy whenever she was chosen. She had a way with words that made people listen, and I was shy and bossy. Somehow, and I don’t know when, we became friends.

Meanwhile, I had met Elizabeth at another church. Elizabeth was splendid. She took me under her wing and made me feel welcome; her big heart shining through her very pores. I’d love to take credit for bringing these two together, but they met at school while I was meeting them at church, and as time passed we found ourselves spending hours together at one-another’s houses. We spent so much time together that our families became great friends.

this is Aveline, me (don’t ask about the hair!), and Elizabeth back in 2001

Ave and I in her old backyard by the pool in good ole ’99


Aveline and Elizabeth posing for the camera…with a hairbrush and mirror?! haha.

At the end of 2002 or the beginning of 2003, Aveline’s family decided to move to Sydney. We found out two days before they left and we were devastated. Perth is the most isolated city in the world and flying over to see each other wouldn’t be easy. It was years before we would see each other again. You can imagine the tears that were shed as Aveline boarded the plane.

This is the three of us (Me, Aveline and Elizabeth) at the airport when Ave left. Just before we all started crying.

Liz and I were so lonely without Ave.

Eventually she was able to visit, she came over for my 18th birthday. Since then, since finishing school, it’s been a little easier to go back and forth to see each other. But there is still always a pang of loss whenever the goodbyes are said. One day, I hope we all live in the same city again. Until then, I continue to send my love from Perth.

Me and Ave last week on her visit


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