Crazy Kids

So it turns out there’s not a lot to talk about at a 17th, er, so how’s school lately? I think that’s why these guys had so much fun on the dance floor (aka. my parents family room). I should clarify, that’s why all the girls had so much fun dancing while the boys played pool. Ok ok, yeah I’m only 22 so I’m pretty young myself, but you can feel the difference in energy already.

This is my sister’s bestie Macauley. Elizabeth and I have adopted her as our daughter…we’re not sure who the father is, I say it’s Liz coz she’s taller.

So this is Elizabeth giving me a cheeky grin. I like to refer to this picture as the placebo.

This picture on the other hand is the real deal. If you’re not impressed by that hair, I’m not sure I can do much more for you.



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