Elizabeth and Nismo

Visiting my darling Elizabeth is the highlight of my day, no matter what day it is. We are soulmates. Best friends. Sisters.

I asked her if I could bring my camera along on this particular visit and she just couldn’t refuse. She knows how quickly I melt at the sight of her new darling little kitten Nismo. He’s grown so much since Elizabeth and Jamie first got him. He’s about three months old now and he’s still so tiny.

He has the cutest little serious face, so a lot of the time he looks really grown up, yet you watch him play and instantly you realise how small he really is. His young playful spirit cannot be contained, even as his eyes start to close with sleepiness, he perseveres.

I don’t have any pictures of Nismo with his papa bear Jamie, who also happens to be Liz’s boyfriend and our good friend, but I’m sure he’ll pop up on my blog sooner rather than later.

After all the hard playing we did, little Nismo’s eyes slowly and grudgingly began to close.

He seemed very pleased to be finally wrapped up on his mothers warm lap.


2 thoughts on “Elizabeth and Nismo

  1. *sigh* I love you Haids! Great job with the photos too :) I will cherish them forever!!! xoxo

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