Day 25: Feather

When I thought of having feathers as a topic for this challenge, my mind was filled with visions of birds fluttering by singing joyful songs. A single perfect feather would fall out from the heavens, swaying gently before landing perfectly amongst a cosy bed of grass. Instead, I was forced to whip out my umbrella during storm warnings and search for a feather among the tree debris scattered by the wind. I hoped beyond hope that, in the case of a storm, the lightning would hit a nearby tree instead of the inviting metal point of my umbrella. I eventually found a single mangy feather covered in webs and dirt. My shoes soaked through with water and my hands trembling with cold, I decided this would just have to do.

With my face screwed into a tight scowl, I tenderly pinched the downtrodden feather between my thumb and index finger, making as little contact as possible. I took it inside, washed it thoroughly then… blow dried it. Yep, I practically gave this feather the salon treatment.

Don’t you just love how carefully staged my picture is now that you know where the feather actually came from?


2 thoughts on “Day 25: Feather

  1. Bec says:

    This is beautiful! Doesn’t look staged at all (but loved the behind-the-scenes story). :-)


    PS: left you a voicemail

  2. Haidy Baskin says:

    Thanks Bec. Sorry I missed your call, I was at the gym. Texting you now :) x

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