As bright as can be

It may well surprise you to know that I’m not actually a cat person. Contrary to the amount of pictures I have of the feline species on my blog, I’m drawn more towards dogs. But to be truthful, I’m an intense animal lover, of almost every kind. I guess that’s a good thing. You can cross Sociopath/Psychopath off the list.

Although, I do get harassed by family for treating them unnaturally like little people. Annnd….I know I’m doing my photography challenge at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped me from taking pictures of Asterix at every chance I got. His eyes were REALLY bright today. I promise I didn’t retouch the image to make him look like he’s a yellow-eyed alien. Maybe he’s pregnant?

If only my neutered male cat could provide me with kittens. Bright-eyed alien kittens.


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