Day 9: Out of Place

I spent the whole day in the city today, Lynden met up with me for lunch. It was really nice, but my feet were killing me. Why, oh why did I wear my wedge heel boots when I knew I’d be out all day?

Anyway, Lynden and I decided to go into the “Game” store to see what was on offer. My challenge for today was ‘out of place’. I had already taken a picture that I thought I could use, but then I found myself perplexed by a very unusual sight.

As we were leaving the store, I forced Lynden to go back in and pose for me.

What’s so out of place about that? …um, oh yeah, the NUN!! …in a gaming store.


As we were leaving, a nun walks right past us into the store. And before you ask, yes, it was definitely a nun. She even wore the monk-looking rope around her waste with the tassles on the end. Sigh, my day was complete.

It’s not really the first place I’d look for a nun, but hey, they get bored too right! Who doesn’t play a little Assasin’s Creed after a long day of prayer?

Unexpected? Yes. Awesome? Yes. Inspirational? Yes.



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