Day 3: Signs

I walked out the door, to the end of the driveway and across the road. “Aha, there’s a sign!” As I wondered over casually to the battered signpost, I tried to think of how I could capture it artistically. That’s right, I’m cool that way ;)

I took a couple of snaps, my gaze fixed upward toward the sky. As I look down from my camera, I realise that there is a man, a neighbour, curiously looking over at me. He quickly pretends he’s working in his garden and does a couple of slow steps away from me – not looking suspicious at all! Without a word, we both awkwardly walk towards our respective homes, he’s thinking of a way to warn the council about the girl with the camera and poor taste in signs, while I’m trying to figure out a way to make it seem totally normal.

Out of all the things that are to be learned in photography, this for me is the hardest: learning to feel ok with myself carrying around a good sized camera and taking pictures of anything and everything – without feeling completely out of place. Learning to be the freak that sees the beauty where someone else only saw a sign…or a tree, or a smile, or a lost moment.

Oh yeah, crouching, tip-toeing, jumping, squinting, lying, bending.

Welcome to dorkville!


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