From two to three

I was rummaging through some old photos and I stumbled upon some of the day when Lynden and I became pet owners to our cute little cat Asterix about a year and a half ago, our darling cat baby.

It was an accident that we ended up driving home with three warm bodies instead of two. For some reason, Lynden and I had gone to different churches that day, and someone at church had brought two little kittens that they were trying to give away. Of course I fell in love immediately! My bff Elizabeth saw the look on my face and told me that I just had to take one home. I shook my head sadly, “Lynden probably won’t want a pet kitten right now. He doesn’t even like cats”. She instantly whipped out her iphone and snapped this picture saying, “how could he say no to that face?”

As you’ve probably guessed, Lynden couldn’t say no to that face! Though I’m not sure which one won him over, my face or Asterix’s?

These are our first few minutes with Asterix as a budding family. We already look extremely tired :P

When I went to pick him up, I had to make the hard choice between the two kittens. Somehow I just knew that Asterix, only eight weeks old, was the perfect one for us. His personality was made for us – almost like he was always supposed to be a part of our family even before we met.

A week later Asterix met his five week old cousin Charlie. They’re a lot bigger now, and don’t snuggle each other anymore. But hey, who doesn’t have riffs with family members every once in a while??

I wouldn’t change our little family for the world…..yet ;)

And don’t worry, Lynden now likes cats. It took a pretty special little guy to win him over though.


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