Jump for Joy

I was previously studying Psychology and Commerce in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and only had a year of my double degree left to go. I was absolutely HATING it! I decided to quit uni for good at the end of March even though I had done four years of the course already, I just couldn’t stomach it anymore, I was done.

So I started looking for full-time work and searching out short photography courses, workshops and classes hoping to learn something that would help me get into this photography passion, but I wasn’t finding anything I was really 100 percent thrilled with. I decided to take a quick peak at what universities in my area were offering so that I could compare the information. It turns out that I found myself reading and re-reading all the information for a photography course at Curtin where I was already studying. I kept thinking: wow it would be so awesome if I could do something like that, yet I kept talking myself out of it for various reasons. But I found myself continually going back, daydreaming of what I could learn; the excitement of gaining knowledge in a field I was truly interested in.

I decided to apply for a transfer into a Bachelor of Arts in Photography and Illustration Design and to be completely honest with you, I didn’t think I’d get in. It helped that I was already studying at the same University, but my grades had been heading downhill the more I had tried to stick it out in my previous course. It was too good to be true.

Then, about a week and a half ago I got a letter in the mail from Curtin. As I tore the envelope open, I was too afraid to get my hopes up. Then I read the words I was sure I wouldn’t be hearing. Haidy Baskin, Congratulations, you have been accepted.

JUMP FOR JOY! My dreams are becoming a reality, everything is just falling into place.


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