We don’t have an inch of carpet in our house. The bathroom, toilet and laundry are tiled, and the rest of the house consists of floorboards. While I’m really lucky to live in a house covered from one side to the other in deep red-brown floorboards, I have to admit: I’ve missed carpet. A lot. I know it’s not cool. Carpet is for wimps! But I love it :)

This weekend my parents surprised Lynden and I with a huge rug. It was supposed to go in their house, but it didn’t look how they wanted so they passed it on, knowing how spacious our lounge room is. The colour is a darker, less red brown than the floorboards, but my heart can’t fault it. It really gives an essence of home. Warm. Cosy. Comfortable. Inviting.

I’ve spent the last few evenings squishing my toes in it, rolling across it, jumping all over it, cuddling Asterix on it, beaming at Lynden while I sit on it. Just happiness. Welcome home carpet, welcome home.

Thanks for the early birthday present mum and dad xx


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