Camping with Switchfoot

I woke up early, it was 2am. Somehow we’d managed to squeeze four of  us into one tent, shoulder to shoulder. The night before it had poured with rain. We were in Albany after all. But Ryan and Kyla’s tent didn’t enjoy the unwelcoming weather. With their matresses soaked and their sleeping bags floating in puddles of water, they found a dry corner to sleep the rest of the night. That’s how four of us ended up in the one tent, me, Lynden, Ryan, Kyla. One very tight group of friends, wet and cold. On our right, just outside, an empty tent soaked in water lay empty. A little further along, Adam and Chanelle had managed to escape the wet weather just enough to make it through one more night. I was busting to go to the bathroom, but with four of us so tightly packed into one tent, it was impossible to escape at 2am without waking up the whole crew. I decided to stay out for a bit, I stretched my legs, played some games on my phone, then shivered my way back to wake up my fellow campers as I inched back into my cosy spot.

The next day we strolled casually around the Albany town centre, ate a healthy lunch, and avoided the public toilets. As we drove back to the strawberry farm we realised we were going to need ponchos to make it through the wet concert so we drove back out and searched high and low until we found some. Driving back to the strawberry farm for the second time that day, we heard the music already blasting from the stage.

By the time we made our way to the concert, it was down to the final few acts before Switchfoot, the band we were really excited to see. All the bands were great, I knew a couple of people who would be playing and I enjoyed listening to music the whole weekend from our campsite. The excitement really got going though when Switchfoot hit the stage.

With our ponchos tucked away in our pockets – not needed, we edged into the crowding mosh pit, camera in hand, ready to dance along. These guys put on an amazing show.

I’m pretty sure Kyla took this awesome photo.

All the wet weather, the grumpy moments, and long drives were worth it to see these amazing christian bands spending their Easter playing awesome music for complete strangers.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter as much as I did, wet weather and all :)


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