Roadtrips: of the short kind

Lynden and I are going on a camping trip down to Albany today (about four hours away) with some of our good friends. We’re going to be camping it up for Strawberry Jam, a two day festival at a strawberry farm featuring local musical artists and headlined by Switchfoot. It’s going to be a really fun end to our long weekend, but I’m predicting some cold wet weather. No snorkelling for us this time. That’s ok with me, I’m looking forward to our little road trip down south and getting to spend some quality time with friends.

Who’s this bearded man? I hear you ask. Yeah that’s my gorgeous husband Lynden going through a very interesting facial hair phase. I’m pleased to report he is now well shaven. Sorry to all those beard lovers out there.

We all know there’s no better way to test a friendship than being in a cramped car together for four hours arguing over who’s music we’re going to listen to. It’s a good thing we all like each other so much.


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