Collars and Reflections

I bought Asterix a new collar yesterday, or maybe it was on Wednesday. Anyway, I couldn’t find a collar that I liked but ended up settling for a black one that had little paws running across it. It had a little clip-on system instead of a buckle. That’s all well and good except that I just couldn’t figure out how it worked. I resorted to putting it on over his head and then tightening it to fit his little neck. This all started when Asterix came back inside on Tuesday and as I picked him up I gasped in horror, he’s naked! What’s confusing is that, for some unknown reason, I’m finding myself unreasonably upset over not finding a better collar, and annoyed that it outsmarted me. I’m sitting here trying to figure out why it got me so worked up, ha, it’s just a collar right?!

Anyway, today is Good Friday. I love Easter time. I’m a Christian so this time of year is really special to me. It really makes you think about the true meaning of sacrifice, love and hope. I wonder how long it will take me to completely wrap my head around the true meaning of those words. Actually, what I really hope for is that I continue to live with those words in my heart long after the Easter hype has gone.

I have to admit, I’m also looking forward to an excuse to eat chocolate. mmm.


2 thoughts on “Collars and Reflections

  1. Keep yourself to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.

  2. shamtest says:

    I can’t seem to access this post from my droid!

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