This is Not a Garden

Over the past two years I have started a vegetable garden on and off maybe three times. It’s not that I’m a bad gardener. It’s just that I make a conscious choice to sacrifice my garden for something else, such as not having to wonder out into my backyard while a whole heap of people are constructing a studio/flat right next to our house. I chose to let my garden die for the sake of my own selfish desires to be a hermit. Yeah nice.

Just so you get a clear picture of just how dead my garden is, all the brown that is behind that water-can used to be tomatoes and capsicum, lettuce, garlic, onions, beetroot and who knows what else.

This little plant below used to be part of my herb garden. But this marjoram is no longer a part of our meals, as you can imagine.

So here’s to a new resolution – now that all construction has ceased – to create a new garden with the hope that I’ll be kinder to it this time. I just have to remember the deliciously fresh produce that a home-grown garden gives. It’s the best way to eat :)


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