Why do I like it?

As you probably are well aware I am an AMATEUR photographer. Yes I have big dreams of making a living from this wonderful art form, but I am the first to say that I am still learning. Because of my new beginnings in this field, I obviously can’t blog pictures of my fabulous clients everyday – I don’t have all that many clients, YET! I hope you out there, whoever you are, remain patient with me as I practice my photography and share these personal posts with you.

Today’s post is about something I’ve been asking myself lately. Why do I like it? Why does that particular picture stand out to me? I was editing some pictures of my cousins kids from the weekend and realised that I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was about some of the images that made them special.

Ok, I am not blowing my own horn, I don’t think these pictures are amazing, but I do think they have an appeal that seems somewhat unlikely. They’re not your typical photographs but they still work, and I like that.

But what do you think?


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