I don’t like cake

Yep I’m that annoying person that always orders the hot chips at a restaurant. Even the fancy ones. Even for breakfast. Why? Because I’m probably the fussiest eater you’ll ever meet. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT proud of this fact at all. I actually spend my days wishing I enjoyed food like most people do, but no, I’m stuck with fussy taste buds. I mean there are acquired tastes, and I’ve acquired many, but I just can’t stand the taste or texture of some foods. I don’t like cake, or lollies (who doesn’t like lollies?). I so wish I wasn’t this fussy, but I am.

Unfortunately for me I was born into a family that makes delicious cakes. My mum and my aunty could earn a living off cake-making if they wanted to. In fact, I grew up making cakes with my mum and I really like making cakes. The cake batter is delicious, I just can’t handle it once it’s cooked. Don’t ask me why!

This led to some awkward moments growing up. When I was around 12 I started asking my mum to make me lasagne instead of birthday cakes. That’s right, I blew out my candles on a delicious tray of lasagne. Wedding cake? My mum made us a special puff pastry and caramel cake instead, but at least that one had icing on it (unlike the lasagne) so nobody knew that it wasn’t a ‘real’ wedding cake. Some people ask why I don’t just have ice-cream cake as an alternative on my birthday. Sadly I can’t stand vanilla ice-cream and ice-cream cakes are mostly vanilla.

I wish I had gotten a better picture of this weekends most recent cake made by my aunty.

At most family birthday parties, my mum,, who is perfectly aware that I don’t like cake, will offer me some birthday cake – every single time! I think she’s secretly hoping that one day I’ll have a taste of it and my eyes will suddenly start to water as I exclaim that I’ve never tasted anything so delicious in my life. Not Going To Happen. I wish it could, fussy eating is a curse.

If only hot chips were mandatory…mmmm yum. Sorry cake we can never be friends.


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