Maternity Shoot: Natasha

Natasha looked stunning as we walked across the green lawns of the golf resort. I almost had to try to keep up with her as we walked up and down the hilly slopes. That’s saying something, considering she is just about to pop. Seriously, she is literally days away from her due date!!

I’ve known Tash for a few years now. You see, she’s married to my cousin Billy (yep he’s a lucky guy), and in all honesty I think Billy and Tash bring out the best in each other. They’re so like minded and yet somehow they don’t clash. You’d expect that owning a business together would create some tension but these two make life look easy. I can’t wait to see what this great team will bring to parenthood. I am so so sooo excited.

How cute are these little booties. Sooo tiny…sigh.

Tash you look absolutely stunning. Your eyes, the smile, the tiny little socks on your belly. Love.

Just checking how big he’s getting…

Outfit change = totally different looking baby bump. Did your belly just grow in the last five minutes?

Whenever I look at the picture below I can just see the total sense of contentment about this new chapter that’s about to begin, that’s already begun!

Billy and Tash, I can’t wait until your little boy is out in this big scary world, ready for lots of cuddles and kisses.

And a huge shout-out to my cousin Leisly (and her awesome husband Ben) who are due a day before (or after?) this little guy. I just love my family and I cannot wait to meet these two new little additions!


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