When Nicole mentioned taking some pictures for her school ball, I never thought I’d actually end up being the ‘official photographer’ for her group of friends. I went to the pre-ball gathering, then had an entourage of three vehicles follow me into Fremantle for some location shots. Um, didn’t anyone tell them I have the worst sense of direction…ever! It was fun, but I have never been in charge of a convoy of cars, and getting them to a location that I hoped they liked was getting me really flustered. The drive was very high stress – I’m so glad I was in my car alone. Panic attack anyone?!

But then you spend some time with these guys and it was immediately all better. I ended up driving home a lot more calmly.

My dad conveniently wearing a matching shirt to my sisters dress. I think he secretly wished he was her date :)

A picture of Nicole and I.

And yes, we did just wander around a park in heals ;) All for the sake of good pictures.

Then we went to meet up with Nic’s friends before the ball.

Nic and her date Michael.



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