Something in my teeth

I hate that icky embarrassed feeling. Unfortunately for me, I’m a pretty embarrassing person… Unfortunately for my sister, I took her to her school ball on the weekend; I am probably not the most graceful person she wanted to be seen with.

There was even a moment there where I had a black thing in-between my two front teeth…awkward! I am a very smiley person, especially when I’m nervously meeting new people (and by nervously I mean word vomit followed by heavy laughter). So either 1. it went unnoticed until Nic told me about it (err, very doubtful), or 2. people are extremely polite/showed great pity on me by laughing at all my jokes.

So, I was going through and editing some of the pictures from the weekend and this one makes me laugh every time. Nicole you looked beautiful, thanks for putting up with me. You remind me so much of myself in this picture :D


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